A feedback about our work at the site of SUAL Cremny (Silicon) Ural


Group of companies Pride has received a positive feedback from the Customer on the work done at the site of SUAL-Silicon Urals.
In the period from October 2016g to February 2017, the Pride performed the following works:
– installation of gas pipeline routes with a diameter of 2000mm and 4000mm, with a total volume of 600 tons;
– installation of process equipment (smoke exhausters, cyclones), piping of smoke exhausters with gas flues, connection to a chimney, volume 150 tons;
– installation of metal structures of the frame of the BRF (fabric filter unit), height H = 36 m, total volume of 500 tons.

Group of companies Pride expresses gratitude to the management and technical specialists of the Customer OOO “ISK” for the high confidence and efficient work! We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation!

The full text of feedback you can read in the “Our partners” page.