tons of metal structures per month

Out production facilities

Fabrication facilities

  • Metal structures fabrication workshop
  • Metal structures assembly workshop
  • Machine workshop
  • Welding station
  • Section of coloring of finished products
  • Raw materials and finished products warehouse

Equipment for metal structures fabrication

  • More than 20 bridge cranes with a capacity from 5 to 15 tons;
  • Cutting equipment for sheets thickness up to 20 mm;
  • Gas cutting machine «Comet» CNC (sheet thickness up to 300 mm);
  • Gas cutting systems for longitudinal cutting, thicknesses up to 100mm;
  • Bandsaw BOMAR, cutting beams up to 600 mm;
  • Milling machine;
  • Gas-cutting machine for cutting sheet;
  • Edge cutting machine for length up to 12 000 mm (edge preparation for welding);
  • Plate straightening equipment;
  • Bending press (length 5500 mm);
  • 3 or 5-roll mills, capacity to roll sheets of thickness up to 60 mm and width up to 2500 mm;
  • Metal bending machine «Hercules»;
  • Punching machines (up to 20 mm);
  • Shear machine;
  • Machine for correction of welding deformation in T-beams;
  • Machine for correction of deformation for plane plates;
  • Paint chambers;
  • Radial and vertical drilling machines, drilling machines with magnetic soles;
  • 30 automatic and semi-automatic welding stations and MIG and TIG stations;
  • Railways and their coverage (railway cranes , locomotive).