PRIDE group has its own engineering company, with a team of 16 skilled professionals. Our employees have a high level of technical training and are able to perform working drawings, metal design (M.D.) and detailed drawings of metal structures CMD (construction metal detail). Design of MD is the basis for the development od CMD drawings that contain all the necessary data for manufacturing metal structures and of the subsequent installation


  • Building on the basis of frame structures
    Span from 12 till 24 meters
  • Building on the basis of variable cross-section frames
    Span from 12 till 80 meters
  • Building with roof truss structures
    Span from 12 till 36 meters

Engigneering is the most important step in construction process

Our team of the Planning and Designing office PRIDE are capable to perform the work of any complexity, ready to solve non-standard challenges. We use advanced software. which significantly reduces the turnaround time. Customers used to trust us and our decisions. Thanks to our engineering team, our company has developed project documentation for local and federal iconic buildings and constructions. The Design of steel structures is one of the most important stages of construction, and our company is responsible for the technical decisions in this area. We make every effort to ensure your satisfaction with our development.