Our goal is to be the best builder in Russia

We are committed to sustainable growth, that allows us to provide high credibility with customers and partners and opportunities for our employees. Integrity – the foundation on which we build relationships with partners and colleagues. We are “Pride” and our mission – to raise the bar of the builder.

The commitment of each person to excellence, a willingness to work in a team, willingness to do whatever it takes – how we achieve this from our employees? We provide the people, “the builders” of our company with following: learning and growth opportunities, financial motivation, respect for family values, the control of safety and quality. To be the best in the industry, appreciate the staff, respect partners – these are that every “Pride” employee shares and what we bring to every project.

Vallues drive company

Success in life and business happens most effectively when your partners share your same values. Those values dont’t bubble up from the ground and prosper their own – they must be nutured. We’ve been doing that at PRIDE for more than 10 years. Over that time, we’ve come to believe in three core values and we strive to translate them into behavior and acrion every day:

  • “PROFESSIONALISM” – Pride strive to satisfy customer’s requirements, poviding exceprional trust and cooperation at work.
  • “REPUTATION” – every day we strive to keep enviable reputation of Gropu of companies PRIDE. A mutual respect between partners and competitors – the base of success.
  • “WE, NOT I” – we believe in the force multiplier power of teamwork, but at the same time supporting initiatives of our employees.